Dongle drivers

USBDMX dongle is based on popular FTDI FT232R interface (vendor ID: 0x0403, product ID: 0x6001) for which Windows OS downloads and installs the drivers automatically.

Dongle software

Here is a list of tested software that supports USBDMX dongle in alphabetical order. Software licences varies from open-source, freeware to proprietary.

DMXControl (Freeware for Windows)

USBDMX dongle is supported in both versions (2 and 3).

DMX512 Light Control (Windows)

No configuration is needed since the USBDMX dongle is detected automatically at application start.

Freestyler DMX (Windows)

In configuration menu choose Enttec open DMX.

Jinx! LED Matrix (Windows)

Select Enttec Open DMX USB as output driver.


Artnet to DMX bridge

Install OLA (Open Lighting Architecture).

apt install ola

The next two lines will disable Enttec Open DMX and Serial USB plugins.

sed -i -r s/\(enabled\ =\ \)true/\\1false/ /etc/ola/ola-opendmx.conf
sed -i -r s/\(enabled\ =\ \)true/\\1false/ /etc/ola/ola-usbserial.conf

Now enable FTDI USB DMX plugin.

sed -r s/\(enabled\ =\ \)false/\\1true/ /etc/ola/ola-ftdidmx.conf

Restart OLA

service olad restart

Now plug should be enabled.

PC_DIMMER (Windows)

At output plugins select Enttec OpenDMX / JMS USB2DMX / eBay-IF .

Madrix (Windows)

Track Wizard (Windows)

Venue Magic Classic (Windows)

Vixen Lightning

QLC - Q Light Controller

Older software

USBDMX dongle is also supported by Abuelites, MasterPeace, Open DMX Theatre ..., but these software might not work well on recent versions of Windows.